Brooklyn's apartment:
a project in New York

End of works. September 2015

In early October we started our first project in New York. A very special project for our very special new yorker client. This time the creative process is carried out thanks to new information and communications technology that allows us, despite the time differences , constant contact .

This is the complete reconfiguration and design of an apartment of 60 square meters in Brooklyn. A very personal space away from the frenetic Manhattan.

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Family grave in Algerri's cemetery: a door between the finite and the infinite

End of works. June 2015

The cemetery of Algerri is hidden among the hills of the Serra Llarga, in a natural and quiet place. 

The family grave is located at the end of a promenade that connects the two main levels of the topography, overlooking the west.

The grave consists of three underground tombs and a portico with three arches that symbolizes the passage between the finite and the infinite.


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Renovation of the old stable and barn of Cal Muntanyès: a place with a soul. 

End of work. July 2016

This july the works of the rehabilitation of the old stable and barn has finished. The house and several agricultural warehouses that make up the set are located on a slope of sandy rock , well known in the region because of the shocks that it has caused in many occasions. This time we found a crack in the embankment and a house that falls every year a little more.

So what we had to do is a retaining wall to consolidate and stop  its rotary motion.

The particularity of this wall is its location inside a very known old stable, that is a part of the memory of many people who every day went in search of milk. This is a place with a soul and we have tried to leave its atmosphere intact.

in Poble Sec
for a couple 
of londoners

End of work. June 2016

We have finished an apartment of 44 m2 in Poble Sec for a couple of Londoners who love the sun and drink vermouth in the square, and of course, we have celebrated it with a vermouth of Reus!


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